Are You Scared of a Ten Year Old?

I think every parent worries. I worry about my son being healthy, being happy and most recently I have started worrying about what my baby boy is going to grow up like in society today.

The other week I was walking home from my parents house and came across a group of 6 to 10 year olds coming out from the park. They had just noticed more of their friends and began swearing and dancing in the middle of a main road. I was mortified that someone so young had learnt such disgusting language. They were shouting words that most adults wouldn’t use. I started to think to myself what it would be like for my son to grow up with children who think it is fine to use expletives and behave inappropriately. What happened to the innocence of youth? I want my son to grow up believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and not bad language, guns and violence. I have thought many times about moving out of my town and into a small village so that there are fewer children for Baby H to get involved with. But how different are children from a town and a small village? Surely if they have both been exposed to the same environment they would both turn out the same? To make my anxiety worse when taking my sister to work there was a 12-year-old smoking outside. Smoking! I have seen teenagers smoking thinking that they are apart of a cool crowd, but I have never seen someone so young with a cigarette in hand. What would make a child think that it is a good idea to put poison into their body? Where have all the children gone? I find it sad that children now want to grow up so quickly that they waste the best years of their childhood pretending to be an adult instead of playing tag and stuck in the mud.

Is it any wonder that people are scared of youths when they hang around in large groups and you are walking by yourself? But truth be told so many of these children are kind natured and are only wanting to be apart of the latest fashion trends and hang out with their friends. But it doesn’t stop adults being too scared to go out at night because of the fear of being attacked by children. I am fearful of my son growing up to become one of those children that have no manners and think it is funny to try to scare people because when children get into a wrong crowd they can go down the wrong path too.

Today I have seen a young teen fall off his bike and cry out in pain and nobody stop to help him. So what would you do if you saw the teenager fall? Would you stop and help or would you avoid the situation altogether because you don’t know who they are? It amazes me how people can communicate with strangers on the internet and yet when someone is in need on the street they are ignored. Is this fear that stops us from being kind to strangers or is it ignorance of society today?