Everyone is stressed about something nowadays, which isn’t healthy for us. Some people find that they lose their appetite, others eat the entire tub of ice cream in the freezer (me!) but people also develop skin conditions. I have psoriasis (red flakey patches of skin that are extremely itchy), which developed because of stress and flares up with it too. At first I tried to ignore it by putting makeup over the top, I was very self-conscious and began hating the way I looked. The patches started appearing on my neck, hairline and my eyelids so I could ignore it no longer. It was so bad on my eyelids that I would rub them in my sleep and wakeup with black eyes. I eventually went to the doctors who diagnosed me with psoriasis and gave me a cream to keep it at bay and for the most part it does. The new problem was I now found my normal skincare routine, which had once worked for me so well made my skin burn. The psoriasis whether it’s flared up or not has made my skin dry and sensitive.

My first point of call was my older sister who always advices me on anything fashion, makeup or skincare. The first thing was to look at what I used. This principle is a good place to start so you can see what exactly the problem is. The products that I used to use were:

Biore Deep pore charcoal cleanser (Charcoal dries up your skin)

Garnier skin active moisture bomb night cream

Garnier moisture bomb 3 in 1 day cream (the alcohol in the creams irritates sensitive skin)

And to take my makeup off I used to use baby wipes! (I don’t think I need to say anything on that)

After a lecture on how insane I was using baby wipes to take my makeup off with, my sister recommended Botonics softening cleanser from Boots. The cleanser is 82% organic so I found it was sensitive enough for my skin and it did take my makeup off, however I still found myself breaking out into spots. I know several people who have found this cleanser perfect for them but it didn’t quite work for me. My sister also recommended going to Lush to get advice and to see if their products would be better for me. The woman who helped me really knew the products and gave me sample sizes of all the products she recommended so I could try them before buying, which when you are spending a bit of money is really comforting. I told the sales assistant of my skin condition and she recommended two cleansers:

Ultrabland, this cleanser comes in a tub and is a waxy cream, which makes a little go a long way. I use Ultrabland as my evening cleanser as it removes makeup but it can also be used in the morning.

Angels on bare skin is 100% organic and gentle on the skin. I use this as my morning cleanser as it has grounded almonds in, which gives a soft exfoliation.

While I was being shown my cleansers I was introduced to Full of Grace and I can say after using this serum bar as my night cream I am never going back! It’s a deeply moisturizing face serum so it needs overnight to absorb but when you wake your face is fuller and restored. After trying this bar in the shop I bought it instantly and it was the best buy for my skin and I recommend it to everyone. For a day cream I use Celestial. It’s a good day cream for sensitive skin that is dry. I find you only need a little cream and amazingly it doesn’t make my skin oily.

All of these products smell amazing and help protect and restore moisture to your skin. I think its important to find the right skincare for you and with a skin condition it can be made tricky. I know everything I have gone for is from Lush but I am a one-shop stop kind of girl especially when I have my two year old with me. If I can give any advice though it would be go as organic as possible as this will avoid chemicals that irritate your skin. Go organic and keep it simple.





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