Baby, Boys, Boobs and Blog

Why write a blog? As I am writing this my 11 week old son is fast asleep in his cot and my attention is divided between this, Jurassic Park and an extra-large bar of Galaxy! The year anniversary of me finding out that I was pregnant is soon approaching and it was on that day when my whole life changed beyond recognition.

I am 22 and a single mum. I have been to university and came out with a degree in Media and thankfully I have a very loving, supporting family. It is all of this and more that I want to share with you. I want to share the lessons I have learnt becoming a parent; the tears that have fallen over heartaches and hard times; every laugh that has been bellowed in good company, even every cracked nipple I have had while breastfeeding, because what is the point of learning so much more about yourself if you can’t share it with the world. And hopefully somewhere along the line these blogs won’t only help me to unwind but will help other parents, even if it’s just letting you know your not alone in this crazy ride that is parenthood.

V x


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